Roosevelt Sousa bets on different game to win ADCC 2022

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Roosevelt Sousa, 29 years old, has the chance to win his first ADCC in his career on the following September 17 and 18 days, in Las Vegas, 2022 ADCC stage. Roberto Cyborg’s black belt is going to conpete in the +99, alongside Gordon Ryan, Felipe Preguiça, Vinny Magalhães and other superstars of the elite grappling.

To achieve his space in the main event, Roosevelt lined up 4 opponents by submission – 3 by footlock and one by calf lock. Despite fighting between the heavy ones, he has a dangerous game when he is with his back on the mats. According to BJJ Heroes, main bjj statistics website, 45 ou of his 66 victories in the black belt were by submission.

” When I started training, I remember that I was fascinated when I used to see someone tapping another one in the training. I decided to learn submissions to tap people in the training and tournaments as well. That reflects nowadays. My game is very dangerous with submissions, but I always keep learning . I have an open mind to evolve, that is necessary on the sport”, says Roosevelt, who comes with a victory at Grand Slam Miami, after 3 fights, 2 by submission. Ricardo Evangelista via footlock and Herico Hesley via choke.

Roosevelt also decided to improve his wrestling to have more opportunities to get the victory in the main event of ADCC. He didn’t miss a class to learn from Pat Downey at the Fight Sports Miami Headquarters. Following, Roosevelt remember his training lessons.

” The first class with Pat was very memorable and also frustrating ( laughs ), because I noticed that I had to learn Wrestling from 0. I learned how to walk, how to position myself and everything. It was one of the best classes I’ve ever had, after that I evolved my top game a lot. The training camp was amazing and everybody is well prepared, we trained so hard. It’s impressive how everybody just evolved quickly at wrestling, we are already on the final step and I can’t wait to fight. I’m feeling better than ever, I’m in my best shape, very confident and my Jiu-Jitsu is very sharped. Come on ADCC!”, says Roosevelt.

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