Pedro Lott talks Team Carlson Gracie evolution, points to Guthierry as fighter to watch in 2022

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Guthierry Barbosa

Guthierry Barbosa in action. Photo: Ane Nunes/AJP

Professor Pedro Lott lives and teaches Jiu-Jitsu in Canada, where he has been able to follow the evolution of Carlson Gracie team in competitions. The team recently had good performances in IBJJF events as well as superfights. In three Copa Podio’s editions, for exemple, Guthierry Barbosa’s star shone bright.

On the Jiu-Jitsu Con stage and at the Worlds Masters, held by the IBJJF in the same week of November, Pedro Lott had four students winning gold, and six more with silver medals. A respectable result for the team, which turned its attention toward competition in 2021.

“The result was very good; the team is evolving a great deal”, Lott stated. “The athletes are progressively more aware of the rules, the training is well structured, and the result could not have been different. I am very happy with the result, team Carlson Gracie place third overall at the Master Worlds — we’re a real threat again! It’s some very serious work that has been done by Master Carlson Gracie Jr; he’s getting the team together again. It’s a very hard tournament, and we did great. Out of the champions, I want to point to my student Ahmad Kabalan, who was the master-3 champion black-belt at the feather division. He was a Pan champion in the brown belt as well, so I could make him a black-belt, after five matches, including a win over Ranieri (Mike) in the finals.”

In the adult black-belt competitions, the young Guthierry Barbosa has been leading a new crop of talent. He now owns three Copa Podio trophies, including a win in the lightweight GP and two in middleweight GPs held in 2020 and 2021.

“Guthierry certainly is our team’s standout in the black belt. He’s coming off some excellent campaigns in Copa Podio. We also have other strong names like Matheus Nascimento, Celson Ricardo, Alexandre Molinaro, Pedro Dias, Juan Lopes, plus the new generation. There’s also Pedro Dias, a silver medalist for two years straight in the IBJJF Pan in the black belt. Team Carlson Gracie is coming in really strong this season,” Lott said.

For 2022 season, Pedro wants his team focused on the main IBJJF competitions, especially the Master Worlds.

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