GB black-belt launches DVD and warns: “Take care of your mental health”

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André Gomes is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt. Foto: Personal Archive

André Gomes, 33, is a jiu-jitsu worker ant. A black-belt since 2014 and currently a resident of Dallas, Texas, he has been living one of the best phases of his career as teacher and athlete. He sits at number two in the IBJJF’s heavyweight master-1 rankings, and ranks number nine overall.

Recently, due to his titles on the competition circuit and his way of fighting, he launched his first online DVD, with an emphasis on the wrist lock.

“My techniques have been tried and approved in high performance, in IBJJF competitions and against tough opponents in the course of my career. I have revealed the most secret details of my game, and whoever buys it won’t regret it!” said, in a recent interview, André, whose titles include double gold at the American Nationals, plus silver at the Master Worlds and Pan.

It used to be hard for André to see all the possibilities the sport could offer his life. Around mid-2002, his mom told him to study and find a profession.

“It was hard at the start, but I knew everything would change. Never give up on your dreams, no matter what people say about you. If you believe it, keep forging ahead, because it will work. From the first time I stepped on the mat, I fell in love with the sport! My mom told me at the time to quit the sport and study, but I said I was going to live off jiu-jitsu. It worked! Today I’m able to help my family with the sport I love,” said André, a black-belt under Otávio “Peixotinho” and Álvaro “Ganso.”

A prolific competitor, André has some important appointments lined up for the 2022 season. He has set the Pan as a goal, as well as the gi and no-gi worlds and a Fight to Win title bout. In order to achieve great results, he has begun devoting time to mental preparation.

“I’ve always had trouble believing in myself. I did some work with some professionals to start loosening up in the competitions, and I’ve been getting better! I’ve always demanded a lot from myself and had a great fear of losing, and today I believe that that’s a mistake that many athletes make and neglect. Competition is 90% mental and 10% physical,” he said.


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