MMA pioneer Enson Inoue to walk across Japan for charity

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Former Pride and UFC veteran Enson Inoue will walk across Japan in an effort to raise money for those affected by the country’s 2011 earthquake and tsunami, representatives for the fighter confirmed to late Tuesday.

Inoue will begin his walk on Sept. 11 and cover approximately 1,360 miles, going through cities including Sapporo, Fukushima, Osaka, and Hiroshima. The entire journey, Inoue said, will take approximately three months.

“The walk is for the people in North Japan that are still struggling every day, so I decided to use whatever I could in the walk to benefit the people,” Inoue said in a statement. “The people of the world have forgotten about how many Japanese people are still struggling, lacking the funds for basic necessities. Suicide is a big problem with the elderly that have been left homeless and feel they have no reason to continue living.”

A representative for Destiny Forever LLC, the company involved with Inoue and his walk, told that pledges for the walk will be based on each mile completed. Funds raised will go towards food, clothing, gifts, and other items as part of an annual Christmas Day festival.

“A penny a mile will obligate you to only $13 when the walk is done,” Inoue said. “That’s enough to provide a family with water for a month or give them two weeks worth of rice.”

During the more-than-1,300-mile walk, Inoue will only use whatever food and water he can carry, according to representatives. The fighter plans on sleeping outdoors, unless strangers along the way offer supplies or a place to sleep.

Inoue said that some may look at his attempt to raise money for charity as too much of a sacrifice, but his belief is his efforts will save lives.

“I know many of you think I’m crazy or feel that I may be taking on too much this time,” he said, “but I believe this will help these people and possibly save some lives.”

More information on Inoue’s journey can be found on his Facebook page.

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