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Get entire printed editions of GRACIEMAG (both International and Brazilian editions). Purchase single issues or subscribe, read, and store GRACIEMAG all in one place.


Buy: Shop for the latest GRACIEMAG iPad issue or browse through past issues.
Choose one of our packages (6 months or 12 months) and get all issues for the chosen period downloaded at no extra cost.
Library: Save all downloaded issues to your personal library.
Choose: Pick whether you want the International issue, the Brazilian issue, or subscribe to and acquire both.
Latest News: Connect to GRACIEMAG.com either in English or in Portuguese.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can I download the GRACIEMAG app? You can download the app from the Apple App Store: Click here.

2. What is included with the free app downloaded from the app store? This app gives you the ability to purchase each month’s digital issue through iTunes and to read and store as many digital issues as you’d like within the same app.

3. How do I get an issue of GRACIEMAG in the app? You can purchase single digital issues of GRACIEMAG within the app for $6.99 each or subscribe and get upcoming issues automatically for the next 6 or 12 months (depending on which period you choose).

4. Does subscribing provide access to past issues? No, the subscription only provides you access to issues released since  the act of subscribing. You can buy past issues individually for $6.99.

5. Does the app update with a new issue each month? Yes, if you purchase a subscription, the app updates with two new issues – specifically, the international issue and the Brazilian issue. If you do not purchase a subscription, however, you must purchase a new issue within the app to receive each new issue.

6. Can I buy a subscription to GRACIEMAG on the iPad? Yes, we have six- and twelve-month plans. If you purchase a subscription, please wait for the next issue to be made available to enjoy it (every issue released once you have subscribed to GRACIEMAG will be available for download as soon as it is released for the app. However, we can’t provide access to issues released prior to then).

7. Where is the purchase subscription option? In “Store”, tap on the cover of any issue. You will then see the “Subscribe” option in the bottom right of the new window that will pop up.

8. I am a magazine subscriber. Can I get the digital issues as part of my subscription? Not yet. Due to difficulties in linking our subscriber database with the app database, we can’t provide our current subscribers access to our digital edition.

9. Does the monthly issue expire? No. Once you’ve purchased the issue, you can store it in your digital library within the app.

10. Can I share the digital issue with friends? No. There are currently no share features available.

11. Can I buy a new issue each month within the current app? Yes in-app purchasing available. You can purchase new issues within the same app and store issues in a library within the app.

12. How do I delete issues from my library? You simply go to My Issues, choose the issue you want to delete and swipe the “read” button from left to right. A “delete” button will then replace the “read” one. Tap on it and the issue is deleted.

13. Once I delete issues, can I retrieve them? Yes. The issues you’ve already bought will be linked to your apple id and device, so you will be able to download it without having to buy it again.

14. Can I have my issues in different iPad devices? No, for security reasons your issues will be linked to one device only.

15. My News are in Portuguese. How can I change it to English? Go to “Settings” and tap in RSS Feed Preferences. Change the language in the right-hand column.

16. I forgot my password. How do I recover it? Go to “Settings”, tap in “Sign In / Register” and choose the option “Change My Settings” on the right. Tap in “Forgot Password” and you will see the instructions for recovering your password.

17. How do I know when a new issue is available? Go to “Settings”, tap in “Manage Notifications” and choose “ON” at the right. Then you will get alerts when new issues are released. Even when the app isn’t running.

18. There are a lot of issues available for purchase. How do I find a particular issue? In “Store”, tap in the “Browse” button at the top right corner. You will be able to find issues by language, number, and year.

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For further questions, email: ipad@graciemag.com