Rampage vs Lyoto?

After facing and losing to Rashad Evans, Quinton Jackson may have yet another former light heavyweight champion ahead of him in Lyoto Machida. UFC president…

UFC 114 photo gallery

This Saturday’s UFC 114 event in Las Vegas served up some exciting bouts and a lot of rivalry, in the main event between Rashad Evans…

UFC 114: They don’t want the belt, they want to brawl

Anyone up to date on their MMA knows sparks will fly in the fight between Rashad Evans and Quinton Jackson. Both former light heavyweight title holders, they will finally be able to get a piece of each other this Saturday in the UFC 114 main event, following their verbal dispute during the tenth season of the “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show

Shogun tribute

In an historic series of fights at Pride FC, the Curitiba native beat Rampage, Minotouro, Overeem and Arona. How can you miss this?

Wand vs Rampage miniatures

Round 5 has announced a new series of UFC miniatures. Included in the collection are Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva, Rodrigo Minotauro, Rich Franklin and Diego…
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