From the treasure chest: Rilion’s angle on the guard

"The guard is the salvation of the weak," said Rilion Gracie in a GRACIEMAG interview in February 2009. Well today, after wins from stars Fabricio Werdum (in Strikeforce) and Anderson Silva (in the UFC), everyone seems to understand a little better just how important Jiu-Jitsu's leg game is in a fight situations.

From the treasure chest: Jiu-Jitsu and the guard

Well before the winning submissions of Fabricio Werdum (over all-powerful Fedor) and Anderson Silva (over Sonnen), your most complete magazine on Jiu-Jitsu already stressed the importance of the guard. Check it out, study it and learn.

Double attack with Carlson Gracie pedigree

GRACIEMAG this month teaches you a number of double-attack positions, one of the weapons making Jiu-Jitsu so effective, as proved by Werdum and Anderson. Carlson Gracie Jr, too, knows a number of them. He teaches you a double attack that he guarantees “is brand new!”

Werdum only back in 2011

The Strikeforce organization, through its spokesman/president Scott Coker, confirmed that Fabrício Werdum will not be returning to the fenced-in stage any time soon, probably not…


Never before has a single Jiu-Jitsu move paralyzed so many people, from Russia to Brazil. Fabricio Werdum faced Fedor Emelianenko in San Jose, California, on…
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