Learn from Alliance’s newest black belt

Big with Jiu-Jitsu fans in the United States, having an extensive fan club of his own, stalwart competitor Ian McPherson (Alliance Atlanta) was just promoted to the rank of black belt after nine years of training and lots of dedication.

Bruce Lee was wrong

One time someone asked Bruce Lee about the importance of the black belt. The actor and kung fu master replied that it is nothing more…

From the ICU to the winners’ podium

Black belt teacher at Brazil 021 Carlos Henrique Rosa, 38, lived through one of those moments that make one review their life, value each moment with one’s family and strengthen one’s beliefs. Even his faith in Jiu-Jitsu...

From the treasure chest: Rilion’s angle on the guard

"The guard is the salvation of the weak," said Rilion Gracie in a GRACIEMAG interview in February 2009. Well today, after wins from stars Fabricio Werdum (in Strikeforce) and Anderson Silva (in the UFC), everyone seems to understand a little better just how important Jiu-Jitsu's leg game is in a fight situations.

Another Black belt in Arizona

After GMA Ryan Beauregard, another athlete has obtained the black belt degree in Arizona. Bob Merriman has won the 4th Arizona State Championship and received…
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