Video: Marcus Buchecha shows his quarantine workout routine

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Buchecha’s solo training.

The record holder for most BJJ world championships, Marcus Buchecha is going to have to wait a bit to compete again. With the postponement of the main IBJJF tournaments, he’s now looking at a longer-than-expected hiatus. But that does not mean he’s sitting idle at home.

Buchecha kindly sent Graciemag a video with the training circuit he is currently performing at home, paired with the details needed for anyone trying to get some ideas from the very best in the world. Check it out below.

# Free stretching
# Alternating pushups with medicinal ball — 3 sets of 20
# V situps with medicinal ball — 3 sets of 15
# Side pull with bands — 3 sets of 30 seconds
# Hops with touch — 3 sets of 30
# Climbing with medicinal ball — 3 sets of 40
# Squat and short throw with medicinal ball — 3 sets of 15
# Burpee with medicinal ball — 3 sets of 15
# Russian Twist with medicinal ball — 3 sets of 30
# Lunge and rotation with medicinal ball — 3 sets of 10 to each side


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