Go from a takedown straight to an armbar, with Gabriel Mendes

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Beatriz Lina

The judoka Gabriel Mendes has a victorious career on the mats. With his beautiful takedowns and endless resistance, he has won bronze at the Judo Worlds and gold at the U.S. Open, Brazilian Championships and European Championships. As good as he is at throws, however, he’s really a specialist of ne waza — techniques used on the ground.

At 25, Gabriel already counts 22 gold medals and one silver on his résumé after just three years living in the U.S. The Brazilian, who trains alongside Justin Flores, has one well-defined goal for his career: to represent the United States of America at the 2020 Olympic Games, in Japan.

Today, on Graciemag.com, Gabriel shows one of his favorite techniques: a yoko tomoe nage ending in a nice armbar.

Enjoy the lesson, taught in English by Gabriel, below.

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