Video: Vinicius Gimenes teaches a one-leg guard pass

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Vinicius teaches his transition aimed at sweeping.

A teacher at Kronos BJJ and tireless competitor, today Vinicius Gimenes brings another sweep technique you can make good use of in your training and competitions.

In the following video, Vinicius shows his favorite sweep option for when an opponent tries to pass the de la Riva guard, changing to the one-leg guard and coming up to score two points.

Translated transcript:

“Usually [0:14] it starts from here. I place him in the de la Riva. My opponent throws his leg inside. I throw to the one-leg. My opponent postures, breaking my grip. I grab his other pant leg, open one leg [0:39], throw the other one to be able to get on top. Again. Against the de la Riva, my opponent throws it; I come throwing him to the one-leg; he breaks the grip; I grab the other leg, open the compass, throw him up and come up. Alright? Oss!”

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