League of Warriors announces a R$ 100,000 prize pool in São Paulo

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League of Warriors

One hundred thousand reais will be awarded to the champions of this year’s League of Warriors. Every division, across all ranks, will feature prize money in a competition that kicks off in June in São Paulo.

The event will unfold in three stages. The first two take place in June — blue- and white-belts fight on the 23rd; purple-, brown and black-belts fight on the 30th. The third stage takes place July 7th at Professor Adão Dias dos Santos Gymnasium in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, the same venue as the other two.

The prizes will be awarded to the champion of each weight division, as well as the light absolute (under 77kg) and heavy absolute (78kg and up). Clicking the following image provides more details on the prize structure.

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