Murilo Bustamante is now a red-and-black–belt

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Murilo with his diploma. 

A BJJ world champion and the first Brazilian UFC champion. Over 100 black-belts trained in the course of his long journey as a teacher and founder of one of the most successful martial arts gyms in the world. It has been 42 years of dedication to BJJ, 31 of which as a teacher. All this experience has contributed to make Murilo Bustamante a coral-belt — the equivalent of a seventh-degree black-belt.

“After a life dedicated to BJJ, where I had the opportunity to literally defend the sport in fights against other disciplines, I’m extremely flattered to receive the coral belt this year,” said the leader of BTT, adding: “I was an insecure boy when I started training, and what BJJ did for me, it can do for other kids too.”

His diploma has already been delivered by the IBJJF, but Murilo will only start wearing the belt in August, when he will host a special ceremony at BTT HQ in Rio de Janeiro. “Such a special moment deserves a celebration with all the people who are a part of my story,” he explained. We can’t argue there, Master.

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