Here’s the top talent signed up for ADCC 2019’s Brazil trials

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Trials will be held in São Paulo. Carlos Arthur Jr.

A no-gi event of the highest prestige, the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship, in its 2019 edition, will take place in Los Angeles, Calif. in the month of September.

With trials spread across the globe to ensure that the best do get to be a part of that big spectacle, the Abu Dhabi Combat Club will be hosting its Brazilian trials next weekend, on March 30 and 31, at Sírio Sport Club in São Paulo.

Athletes from several parts of the country have confirmed they will be there, and Graciemag went through the lists to highlight each division’s favorites. Here they are.



Fernando Carsalade (Gracie Barra)
Alexandre Vieira (BTT)
Gabriel Marangoni (Marangoni/CTA)
Raul Basílio (Almeida JJ)
Matheus Nicolau (Nova União)


Isaque Bahiense (Alliance)
Fabio Caloi (Alliance)
Gabriel Rollo (The House)
Marcelo Lapela (Checkmat)
Matheus Lutes (Alliance NY)
Miltinho Vieira (Rio Fighters)
Servio Tulio (Gracie Barra)
Leonardo Lara (Almeida)
Leozada Nogueira (Guilhotina Fight)
Daniel Hortegas (Rio Fighters)
Pedro Falcão (Nova União)


Matheus Diniz (Alliance NY)
Gabriel Todd (Checkmat)
Luiz Felipe “Xilique” (GFTeam)
Marcos Junior (GFTeam)
Elias Silvério (Barbosa JJ)
Hernani Perpétuo (Nova União)
Luiz Fabio Dutra (RFT)
Jorge Michelan (Checkmat)
André Chatuba (RFT)


Thiago Sá (Checkmat)
Cristiano Titi (GB BH)
David Vieira (Gordo JJ)
Helton José (Atos)
Salomão Ribeiro (Alliance)
Paulo “Baraúna” Pinto (Alliance)
Eder Bambu (Checkmat)

Over 99kg

Antônio Braga Neto (Gordo JJ)
Gabriel Fedor (Checkmat)
Bruno Bastos (Bruno Bastos Association)
Joaquim Mamute (GB BH)
Kitner Moura (IFC)
Antonio Assef (GFTeam)
Guilherme Cordiviola (GFTeam)
Mika Reinaldo (Cicero Costha)


Under 60kg

Michelle Tavares (Budokan)
Mayssa Caldas (GFTeam)

Over 60kg
Carina Santi (G13)
Fernanda Mazzelli (Striker)

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