Alexandro Ceconi’s ezequiel pressure at the Austin Open

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Alexandro sinks the golden ezequiel.

Held last weekend, the IBJJF’s Austin Winter Open had in veteran fighter Alexandro Ceconi one of its standouts. Even though he qualifies to fight among masters, Alexandro chose to take part in the adults’ age group and walked away with two gold medals.

Besides the absolute title, which he won by beating lightweight champion Thiago Macedo (Rodrigo Pinheiro), Alexandro won the super-heavyweight title over  Charles Mcguire (ATT) with a powerful play.

Alexandro charged and, upon being pulled, advanced straight for the choke using the lapel. He didn’t finish right there, but went to the back and set up the ezequiel attack. With patience and continuous pressure, Alexandro gradually squeezed until forcing the tap-out.

See how it all played out here:

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