10 videos from our YouTube channel that made the rounds in 2018

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Master Julio Cesar attacks to pass guard at the Master International. Carlos Arthur Jr.

Always looking to bring you the best content in BJJ, our team is constantly paying attention to what’s going on in the gentle art, and our YouTube channel ends up being a lightning rod for many of the most remarkable episodes in the course of any given year.

Recently we set aside the ten best videos from 2018. These handpicked materials range from the most-viewed to the stuff that was most talked about on our social media channels. Here they are.

10. Júlio César fights in a coral belt

9. Seven submissions from side control with Jean Feijó

8. Rodolfo, Lo and Buchecha’s slap-fighting session

7. A flying armbar decides a match, with Henrique Moreira

6. Roger and Rayron Gracie roll at Alliance Rio

5.  Fernando Tererê teaches details of the ‘naughty one’

4. Keenan and Erberth go to war at SJJIF World Jiu-Jitsu Championship

3. Dedé Pederneiras and the details of the hook sweep

2. Rubens Cobrinha teaches guard recovery drills

1. Isaque Bahiense’s blitz to take the lead and win

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