Video: Jorge Britto teaches an armdrag from the closed guard

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Jorge Britto and his armdrag at Jiu Jitsu For Life Team.

A teacher at Jiu Jitsu For Life Team in Toronto, Canada, today Jorge Britto brings you a lesson — taught in English — on how to easily apply the armdrag from the closed guard.

The position, a specialty of his team, is employed naturally by many of his students, and this tip could end up making your guard game more dangerous.

The detail is the grip on the collar and under his opponent’s armpit to make him break the grip and create the necessary movement to land on the armdrag without wasting any force. After locking the arm, there is a wide range of moves available: Armbars, sweeps, advancing towards the mount and taking the back are just a few of the possibilities.

Watch it here:

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