Video: Keenan Cornelius slams trash talk, analyzes Gordon Ryan

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Keenan spoke exclusively to

At 26 years old, the blue-haired fighter adjusts himself in a chair at the Brasserie, in Seoul’s InterContinental Hotel. A special guest of Spyder BJJ in South Korea, Keenan Cornelius had just had a king’s breakfast and was feeling good in that early-November morning.

“It’s gonna be on Graciemag?” the Atos black-belt asks, adding with a smile, “It’s serious, then.” The blue hair — less shiny now, a few days after the dye job — was a Halloween joke back in California. Hair notwithstanding, Keenan wants to speak seriously.

When it comes to trash talk in BJJ, the black-belt under André Galvão, who started his career in Lloyd Irvin’s dojo, minces no words — it’s just bad, especially for the new generations.

A recent absolute SJJIF champion, the creative guard player talked about his latest triumphs and some of his rivals. Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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