Shut down the hip and pass guard in no-gi BJJ with Arthur Gogó

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Arthur Gogó brings you the detail to avoid suffering when passing guard in no-gi.

A teacher at GFTeam Cascadura in Rio de Janeiro, Arthur Gogó has more up his sleeve than just an arsenal of transitions in classical BJJ. Gogó, who was crowned champion in last month’s Brazilian No-Gi Nationals, today brings you a detail so you can succeed on top in no-gi matches.

Gogó explains an important detail to help you pass guard. After isolating one of the legs, he focuses on his opponent’s hip: If it is not removed from the action, the difficulty of arriving in side control will be much higher. With that in mind, the first step is to shut down the hip by walking to the side opposite the pass and place your opponent sideways. Then Gogó frees the leg and passes without a care.

See how it all works out in this video:

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