Carina Santi’s hand triangle at the Brazilian No-Gi Nationals

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Santi attacks.

Fighting at the 2018 Brazilian No-Gi Nationals, held last month in Rio, Carina Santi had a great showing. A black-belt from G13 BJJ, Carina secured the gold medal in the heavyweight division with no opposition, but had to sweat to take down the absolute.

Light featherweight finalist Aline Xavier of GFTeam was opposing her in the absolute final, but wasn’t given much space to work with. The lighter athlete tried to get something going from the closed guard, but Carina soon got free and, in the standup grip exchange, set up her attack: With a quick motion, Carina passed her arm over Aline’s neck and sank the arm deep to get her hand from one side to the other, thus closing the hand triangle.

A few moments of adjustment were then key to maximizing the power of the technique, and the pressure applied caused the tapout. You can click the following video to watch it play out.

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