Video: Braulio Estima’s secret for not losing the Estima lock

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A legendary BJJ fighter and a teacher at Gracie Barra Birmingham, today Braulio Estima brings you a crucial tip for finishing via Estima lock.

To apply this lock, perfected by Braulio and his brother Victor through years of competing in the world’s biggest tournaments, one must isolate the foot that will be attacked, use a grip like in a rear naked choke, and sit with the opponent’s foot held fast.

The secret is explained by Braulio. First he points to the need for your opponent’s leg to be flexed so that they don’t have the body angle to spin and defend. Grip made, with the Achilles heel locked in the curvature between bicep and forearm, Braulio sits and positions himself to squeeze with his leg locked on his opponent’s hip so that said opponent has less mobility to spin.

Watch the following video to see the technique in motion.

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