Arthur Gogó’s physical training for fewer injuries and more stamina

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Arthur Gogó at the Rio Open. Flashsport

A competitor in BJJ and MMA who plays an important part in running the GFTeam branches across Brazil, instructor Arthur Gogó of GFTeam Madureira believes in physical preparation as well as BJJ training.

“It’s a joint effort,” he says. “Exercising strengthens the body and joints. Consequently, as you feel stronger, you can better practice BJJ. You feel more able to give it everything in training, and the fact that you have a body that is strong and less prone to injury puts you in a better condition to train more on the mat, which improves your stamina. One thing is directly tied to the other — no mystery to it.”

The following video shows a few exercises that Gogó likes doing regularly — activities that leave him in tiptop shape to take part in events such as this weekend’s IBJJF Pan as a super-heavyweight, master-2 contender.

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