Isaque Bahiense on the challenges of changing teams

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Isaque Bahiense and Fernando Tererê. Daniel Amaral/

Copa Pódio champion Isaque Bahiense opens up about the ups and downs he experienced when left his old gym for a new one. He talks about the sacrifices surrounding his decision.

“Changing teams is always very hard, because we end up creating a relationship, and I think BJJ still has many closed-minded people who call others traitors. Our life is too short; we have to seize the opportunities that show up in our life. Everybody has their moment and situations. At 18 I had to have a talk with my teacher. I had been with him for 8 years; the dude was my father. My biological father went away, and he came in. I had to talk to the team directors. At the time, it was very difficult; 4 months passed until I was able to change teams. I talked to everybody. Some said, “Okay. If that is what is best for you, go; you have to think about your future.” But, unfortunately, when I felt, some people changed and closed themselves off to me”.

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