Carlson Gracie Jr. talks old Carlson Gracie Gym’s graduation system

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Carlson Gracie Gym. Gustavo Aragão/ Graciemag

Following in his father’s footsteps, Carlson Gracie Jr. attempts to keep alive the legacy of Carlson Gracie Gym in his own Chicago school, and talks to us about the criteria he uses to promote students.

Training at my dad’s gym was very tough, and sometimes the guy wouldn’t get promoted. In my day, in order for the guy to get promoted, a black-belt had to retire. At the blue belt there were several who wanted to be the No. 1 blue-belt, so the black-belt had to retire so that the No. 1 brown-belt could got to black, in order for the No. 1 purple to go to brown, and for the No. 1 blue to move up to purple.

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