Victor Honório discusses adrenaline in tournaments and teaches a lapel attack

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Black belt from GFTeam, Victor Honório is one of the great talents of the new generation. When was a brown belt, Honório defeated several black belts and got to prominence on the BJJ scene. Honório is also praised constantly by training partner and friend Rodolfo Vieira, four-time world champion, as one of the toughest training at the academy.

We chatted with Honório at the GFTeam headquarters, in Meier, Rio de Janeiro, and he gave advice to newcomers. “For those starting out, I find it ideal to train 3 times a week, so you don’t get burned out or hurt. 3 times a week I think is ideal”.

The competition is an anxious moments for the athlete. Victor said he feels the adrenaline before competitions, but already accustomed to it. “I’ve been competing since I was a child, so I can absorb that energy with no problems, so I don’t get nervous”.

The black belt also analyzed the current Jiu-Jitsu with the new techniques, and compared with the most traditional positions of the gentle art. “I think basic BJJ works very well, but I think we must adapt to the sport’s novelties”, said Honório.

Honório also talked about the drills, repetitions position, recalled one of his most memorable fights in the Brazilian Team in 2014, when it was the only brown belt in the team. “A fight of mine that I’m fond of was at an IBJJF Brazilian teams’ championship. I had the opportunity to fight the GFTeam black-belt. I was the only brown-belt on the team”, said Victor. “Taking the opportunity of remembering my fight from the Brazilian teams’ championship, I’ll teach my lapel choke, the famous scarf”.

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