10 lessons from brothers Carlos and Helio Gracie to have an inspired 2016

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What could be better than to have 10 drops of wisdom from the founding fathers of Jiu-Jitsu.

We selected five phrases from Carlos and five phrases from Helio to inspire you to have a great year of 2016 on and off the mats.


Helio Gracie: “Never stop improving yourself. I am 92 years old and it is hard to find a mind that works as fast as mine. I have never had so much good sense in my life.”

Carlos Gracie: “Promise yourself you will be too great to feel disquiet, too noble to feel cholera, too strong to feel fear and too happy to feel contradictions.”

Helio: “No tough guy can resist a choke. My favorite move always was the the “sleep”. No tough guy can resist a choke. He either goes to sleep or taps.”

Carlos: “With Jiu-Jitsu I learned, above all, the great lesson, which was to get to know myself profoundly.”

Helio: “Be active and you won’t feel alone. Loneliness is when the person does not like himself. Loneliness is not having a mental activity. There’s no reason to be lonely. Loneliness is not having what to do, what to think about.”


Carlos: “Never fight against the person, but against his/her movements.”

Helio: “Why fear death? I need nothing, I have nothing, I want nothing. I find it silly to fear death. We should be afraid of being born.”

Carlos: “Spend the greatest amount of time perfecting yourself, and no time criticizing others”

Helio: “I like to say that no one gets what they don’t deserve, be it a punishment or a gift. Did a brick fall on your head? Thank God because you owed something that was paid with the hit to your head.”

Carlos: “The Jiu-Jitsu adept should, above all else, bring prestige to, love and defend the great sport we practice”


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