Irvine Open standout Gabriel Arges teaches a spider guard sweep that leads to an armbar

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Gabriel Arges went all the way this past weekend at the 2015 Irvine Open.

He won the medium-heavyweight and the open class even having roughly one month of being a black belt.

So, we dug deep into our video vault and found this video of Arges teaching a sweep from the spider guard that ends with a surprising armlock.

He teaches in Portuguese: “First, control the sleeve and strecth your leg with the foot on the biceps. Make another grip on the bottom of the pants on the same side.Step on the ground and pull the opponent towards you and then place your knee between his/her legs. Use your foot on the biceps to bring the opponent down and then fake an attack to his/her foot so he/she sits up. As he sits up, pull the arm towards you and set up the armbar.”


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