Tech Tuesday: Yuri Smões teaches two ways to counter the toreando pass

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HAYABUSA-SELO-GRACIEMAGSHOPBlack belt Yuri Simões paid a visit to GRACIEMAG’s studios in Rio de Janeiro earlier this year and took the time to teach two ways to counter the widely used toreando pass.

Here’s a brief translation of what Yuri teaches in Portuguese.

Counter 1: “When the opponent makes his grips on my pants and goes for a pass to one side, I will make a grip to the sleeve on the side he choses to go to. Then, I will stretch my arm and follow to block his way with my elbow as I turn my hips and make pressure on his elbow. He will roll to avoid the submission and i will stablish side control.”

Counter 2: “Now, as he goes for the pass on one side, I turn my hips toward him and pass my leg over and place it under his armpit. At the same time, I make a kimura grip on his arm and use it to roll him on his back. I finish the position with the armlock in place for the tap.”

Did you like it?

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