Rodolfo Vieira teaches how to get from side control to the triangle

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summer promoRodolfo Vieira is one of the stars signed in for the 2015 ADCC.

Here’s a technique he taught us in 2013.

As he explains in Portuguese, here’s the translation for a better understanding.

“Hi guys, here’s a technique I’ve been doing since I first started training for the 2013 ADCC. It’s a triangle choke from side control. From side control with both knees on the side of his body and the hand to hand grip. First I put his arm on the ground and come with my knee over it. Then I switch the hook on his arm from one leg to the other. After that, I hug his head from behind, lifting it from the ground. As he turns towards me, I jump and pass my leg over his back and lock the triangle with the other leg. Then I adjust the triangle or also I can attack the arm.”

The 2015 ADCC kicks off August 29-30, in São Paulo, Brazil.

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