The weekend is over. Start your week of training with a powerfull green juice

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Clear Shock Power Juice

Clear Shock Power Juice

Why green juices are very popular these days? The answer is: they have the power to inject a good amount of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants quickly into our bodies like a natural energy drink with anti-inflammatory proprieties.

Today, GRACIEMAG brings you a recipe that can be beneficial to Jiu-Jitsu practitioners who want to recharge and reduce inflammation after training. It is a healthy juice with active principles in it found to have been anti-inflammatory, diuretic and with nerve soothing effects. Rich in Vitamin-C, it helps alleviate viral infections by boosting immunity. In addition, it helps remove harmful free radicals from the body and may help protect it from cancers, inflammation, infections, etc.

Clear Shock Power Juice


½ piece horseradish

20 mint leaves

30 cilantro leaves

1 carrot (top removed)


Wash well the ingredients. Use a Power Juicer, and then drink it fresh!

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