ADCC transfers setting from Manaus to São Paulo for 2015 event

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ADCC finals-150

After months of negotiations and uncertainties, the Abu Dhabi Combat Championship, classic No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu tournament, confirmed Sao Paulo as the setting for the 2015 installment, on August 28-30. São Paulo was the site of the 2003 ADCC, the first time that the event, created in 1998, came out of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

ADCC representative and organizer of the event, Eleftherios Magiropoulos spoke exclusively with GRACIEMAG and revealed the change of event venue, originally scheduled for Manaus, state of Amazonas.

“Manaus is a large Brazilian capital, and welcomed us in two major events: the Regional Brazilian ADCC and the Regional Selective for ADCC. However, as a matter of logistics, we decided to make the 2015 ADCC in Sao Paulo. The city has hosted major events and the ADCC is very happy to be there as well, “he said.

The organization has not yet confirmed the gym to receive the edition of the world event, but said that negotiations are advanced and intends to release the name of it soon.

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