Best core-strengthening exercises for BJJ

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Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 4.04.34 PM

Perform this exercise if you want to improve your core strength and stability.

Technique: Begin in the plank position with your forearms and toes on the floor. Keep your torso straight and rigid and your body in a straight line from ears to toes with no sagging or bending. Your head is relaxed and you should be looking at the floor. Hold this position for 30, 45 or 60 seconds. Variation: bring the right knee to the outer upper right arm, hold for 5 seconds and switch sides.


Side Plank

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 4.06.57 PM

This exercise increases hip strength and stability.

Technique: Begin by lying on your side on the floor. Position your elbow on the floor just under your shoulder. Lift up on that elbow and keep your body stiff from head to toe. Hold this position for a count of 10 and lower your hip to the floor. Rest and repeat three times. Switch sides and repeat the exercise on the other hip. You can increase the effect of this exercise by lifting the top leg up toward the ceiling. Repeat the leg lift 10 times slowly and return to the start position.


Boat Pose

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 4.08.30 PM

This exercise is an ab and deep hip flexor strengthener, which requires you to balance on the tripod of your sitting bones and tailbone. As an effective abdominal and core exercise it works the rectus abdominis, the external obliques, internal obliques and engages the hip flexors .

Technique: Begin in a seated position, contract your abdominal muscles and core, and lift your legs up to a 45-degree angle. Reach your arms straightforward or reach up toward your shins, as you are able. Maintain good core posture and a strong spine. Hold this “V” position for as long as you can. Then, return to your starting position slowly. Repeat this entire movement several times.



Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 4.10.13 PM

This exercise strengthens the back, legs, and arms.

Technique: Lie face down on a mat with your arms stretched above your head. Raise your arms and legs about 5-6 inches off the ground or as far as you comfortably can. Hold for 10-30 seconds and relax. Repeat this movement 3-5 times. Variation: Move your arms back and hold for 3 seconds, then bring it forward again.



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