Gold at the European, Michael Langhi now goes after his 3rd Worlds tittle in Jiu-Jitsu

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Michael Langhi vs Gabriel Rollo in the European 2015 final. Photo: Ivan Trindade

Michael Langhi vs Gabriel Rollo in the European 2015 final. Photo: Ivan Trindade

The star from Alliance, Michael Langhi returned his best after operating the knee, and appears to have a new motto: “If you pull, I’ll pass. If I pull, I’ll sweep.”

In fact, the black belt seemed comfortable in all areas by winning the lightweight division in the IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu European on Sunday, January 25. However, Langhi wants more, and already has its main targets well set for the rest of the season.

Check Langhi’s chat with our reporter, Vitor Freitas:

GRACIEMAG: How does it feel to win the European after staying away for a while because of a knee injury? And, what are your goals now?

MICHAEL Langhi: The feeling is the best possible, a title reinforces that I’m back, and that my confidence is back. I felt great, I know where I went wrong and where I nailed it, so the European Championship was key for me in this season. My goal is the Worlds in late May. This year I will in search of my 3rd worlds tittle; I’ll be out of the IBJJF Pan because I want to focus more on the Worlds. I have won six European championships, five Pan Americans, and this year I’m going also after my fourth Brazilian title and my third gold in the Worlds, that’s the goal of the year.

Are you fighting more comfortably on top position now rather than in the past?

I am comfortable in any position, both top and bottom. In this European I played on top most of the time, but I’m feeling good in all areas: pull me, and I’ll pass. Then, if I pull, I’ll sweep.

How do you see the lightweight final match against Gabriel Rollo (Checkmat), which ended in the hands of the judges?

He is very tough. I knew him and could predict his game, but thanks to God everything went well. Although the fight was a draw, I felt I controlled the fight most of the time. However, he should be congratulated. Gabriel is very technical and a great person off the mat as well, so he has all my respect.

Did you notice any talented newcomer with your mastership knowledge?

The championship had a great level; it is difficult to point only one athlete. I was paying more attention to the brown belts, and Isaac Doederlein who is Cobrinha’s featherweight caught my eye: he has a beautiful Jiu-Jitsu and always moving forward; He was one of the highlights at brown belt.

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