Can Jiu-Jitsu be accurately portrayed in Hollywood? Keanu Reeves gives it a try

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4_GB72_StampSiteIt’s not uncommon for actors to do their research for their roles. Directors encourage their stars to seek out training in whatever field their character in knowledgable in and martial arts is one way this is done.

Parts where violence and fighting is prevalent, the actors train to make it look as realistic as possible. When Tom Cruise took on the role in Oblivion last year he even triangle choked himself to sleep.

In the new movie John Wick, Keanue Reeves and cast learn a multitude of martial arts including Jiu-Jitsu. But how likely are we to see real Jiu-Jitsu being used correctly in these types of films? Actress Adrianne Palicki speaks about using body weight to describe the techniques of Jiu-Jitsu that are being applied to her scenes.

Do you think that Jiu-Jitsu is misrepresented in Hollywood or do you believe that if trained specifically, like in the example of drilling, actors can portray moves correctly?

Watch the video and see for yourself if Keanu Reeves can say he knows a thing or two about Jiu-Jitsu after this film:


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  1. Matt Smith at 7:23 am

    Ms. Perkins (Adrianne Palicki) fight scene in John Wick film brought me here! LOL! Totally a fan and practitioner of BJJ myself for a few years now had me curious as to whether or not Ms. Palicki was actually a studied student of the art. Seeing the Kimora, to the improvised gi choke she used with her coat, as well as the crusifix transition and the awesome body triangle and lion kill or rear naked choke had me wondering if it was just good choreography, or if she really knew her stuff. Regardless there is just something about the jujitsu techniques as well as the tactical reloads and realistic hand and kombat in this movie that makes it special. 🙂

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