Luiz Panza explains changing teams to Checkmat

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Luiz Panza at the 2014 Pan

Luiz Panza at Pan 2014

The Jiu-Jitsu black belt and 2014 Pan American Champion, Luiz Panza will now train at the Checkmat school. The superheavy student of Marcos Barbosinha explained his reasons in a statement to

“We often have to close a cycle of our lives to start a new journey, however difficult it is, and go in search of the realization of our dreams. We need to take action when having a series of obstacles that we can only face ourselves, for example, stay away from my family and great friends who always supported me and contributed to my progress. “

“From the moment I decided to live of Jiu-Jitsu I’ve been dedicating myself 100% in training, because my dreams are connected with me being able to live peacefully. I do not mean luxury; I want to offer a decent future for my family, the one that I want to create one day. In Brazil, therefore a number of factors, unfortunately athletes do not get the proper value and respect they deserve. We follow many talents in various modalities, not only in Jiu-Jitsu, that are required to give up their dreams for lack of encouragement and financial difficulties “.

“For these reasons I always had honest conversations with Professor Barbosa, which always proved to be an exemplary professional, supporting me, and guiding me when I spoke of my desire to live outside of Brazil. He always sought my evolution and I’ve always followed his guidelines, it worked out for me. I confess that to stay away from Barbosa is very difficult, because we are not only master and disciple, we are friends and sometimes even father and son. It is a person I admire and respect very much, and no matter where I am, he’ll always be inspiring my attitudes as a person and professional. “

“I am very grateful to all my friends, the real ones, who always welcomed me, that will cheer at my best, wherever I am. Unfortunately I had to act very coldly, let the emotions aside, to have the strength to come after my goals. Precisely because I have always referred to my development as an athlete who decided to move to another country, where I was extremely well received by Leo Vieira, Marcus Buchecha, Lucas Leite, Joao Assis and all other companions of this team. I came to show my commitment and give my best, always. “

“I conclude saying that I never left him, nor let anyone aside, and who really knows my truth and my character, will cheer for my success. All people and sincere friends who accompanied me and knew me as a person and as a professional, of which I spoke, guided me to do what I did, and also signaled to me the difficulties that may arise. My wish one day is having all of them by my side, near or far of the mats, because everyone had a role and importance in my life.

Luiz Panza.”

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