Video: Brush up on both ends of the toreando with a pass and a counter

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Toreando pass. Photo: Erin Herle

Toreando pass. Photo: Erin Herle

One of the most common guard passes that you’ll see at any tournament is the toreando or bull fighter pass. There are many variations and opportunities but most involve placing your grips on both pant legs and pushing and/or pulling the legs out of the way as you step to the side to secure side control or north/south.

Here are two variations to create the toreando guard pass and one video on how to counter the pass once an opponent has control of your legs:

Kev Capel of GMA RGA Bucks shows a traditional toreando pass:

Leandro Lo shows his version of pushing/pulling the legs and spinning around to north/south:

Flavio Almeida shows this counter for when your opponent has already tied up your legs:

Did you find these useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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