Las Vegas Open: Jackson tops open class, Mendes finish all, Ana Laura returns; other results

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The 2014 Las Vegas Spring International Open took place this Saturday, May 3.

Checkmat’s Jackson Sousa was the standout with double gold in the adult male black belt division.

In the open class, Sousa had three fights and finished all his opponents.

He first caught Nathan Mendelsohn with a leg lock.

After that, he faced Kalifa Oliveira, defeated with an armbar.

The big final was against Caio Terra Association’s Samir Chantre, who previously had fought once in the absolute.

Chantre caught Eliot Kelly with a surprise wrist lock to advance to the final.

The gold medal match started with Sousa pulling guard and managing a sweep while Chantre tried to pass.

On top, Jackson put pressure on Samir and passed, got the mount and later on took the back.

Samir defended bravely the submission attempts and managed to come out of the bottom to sweep.

The time ran out just after another sweep by Jackson, what put the final score in 15-4.

In the other black belt divisions, the results were.

Yuri Simões choked Chris Engle from the back for the super-heavyweight gold medal.

Jackson Sousa won the heavyweight when he finished Antonio Antonioli with an Ezequiel choke in the final.

In the medium-heavy division, Thiago Silva beat Bruno Antunes 4-0 for the gold. The final two points came when Antunes rolled out of bounds to escape a foot lock.

In less than 30s, Marcelo Mafra caught Lucas Rocha in a foot lock for the middleweight black belt gold.

Francisco Iturralde is the lightweight champion. He kneebarred Osvaldo Moizinho in the final.

In the featherweight division, Rafael Mendes stretched two arms to get to the final. First he beat Gerson Atoigue and then Nicholas Araujo.

His brother Gui Mendes choked two on his way to the final. The victims were Davin Maxwell and Vitor Paschoal.

The gold medal went to Rafael.

Gabriel Moraes is the 2014 Las Vegas Spring Open light-featherweight champion. He defeated Gustavo Carpio 1-0 on advantages after a 4-4 tie on points.

In the female black belt division, the only fight to take place was a very special one.

After almost six years away from competitions, Gracie Barra’s Ana Laura Cordeiro returned to the circuit.

She defeated Charlene Coats with a choke from the back for the medium-heayweight gold.

After the win, Ana Laura talked about the comeback: “I felt tired, but it was great!”

For more results, click here.

Here are the best images of the day:

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