Michelle Nicolini talks about new MMA Challenge: “I do not want to be in the bottom”

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The 4x World Jiu –Jitsu champion, Michelle Nicolini will put on the gloves again. The star of Checkmate will have the second MMA fight of her career against Chanlanna Green in Made 4 the Cage event in England. The clash will take place on February 28.

In a conversation with GRACIEMAG, Michelle commented that she awaits the challenge.

” In Jiu – Jitsu I like to play Guard, but when I enter the cage I don’t want to be in the bottom, I’ll avoid it the most. I’ll try to finish, for sure, as I always do in Jiu-Jitsu,” said the black belt.

“I’m training muay thai with Rico, from Plaza Fight Team, here in São Paulo. The short guy is very good [laughs]! However, I’m keeping the Wrestling training with my Jiu-Jitsu coaches, they have enough experience because they lived abroad and trained MMA with professional athletes before”, she said.

Michelle Nicolini knows her opponent, and notes that Chanlanna Green comes from Muay Thai. The strategy is almost all assembled:

“I’ve watched some videos of Green’s fights, she likes to fight standing and comes from Muay Thai. I’m also training the standing part, but I’m plotting a strategy to approach safely and even put her down. I want to tear down and finish, “says Michelle.

And you, dear reader, will enjoy watching one more BJJ muse in MMA? Send your insights to this lovely Brazilian warrior .

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