Learn about being a complete fighter from Roger Gracie on his birthday

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Roger celebrates his flawless 2009 Worlds

Roger celebrates his flawless 2009 Worlds

Today the legendary Roger Gracie turns thirty-two. His knowledge, poise and style dominated for years on the mats at the most prestigious Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. And while he may not be present in the championships in recent years, his skills can admired in the octagon instead as a professional MMA fighter in Strikeforce and now UFC.

His Judo skills took even the best to the ground while his foundational techniques proved that mastering the basics are capable of securing the gold in the toughest divisions.

In this video by BJJ Hacks back in 2011, he speaks about being a well-rounded fighter and learning many different styles.

Happy birthday to Roger Gracie. Your impression on Jiu-Jitsu history is monumental.

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