Roberto Traven BJJ team wins first IBJJF team trophy at Atlanta Open

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Roberto Traven accepting the team trophy at the 2013 IBJJF Atlanta Open. Photo: Preston Smith


For the first time, GMA member Roberto Traven’s team made it to the top of the podium one by one to earn enough points for a group gold. The team trophy was earned by a grand total of a 150 athletes. There were 37 gold medals from white belt to black belt. Interestingly enough, the most first place athletes came from the senior divisions!

Altogether the Roberto Traven BJJ team earned 485 points. Second place went to Alliance with 467 and Gracie Barra in third place with 186.

When asked what contributed to the team’s success, Roberto Traven said, “Many factors contributed to the team’s win, and I can only name a few such as: the team’s strong desire to win, strong sessions of training, discipline, and collaborative family team environment that was essential for the team’s success.”

Stemming from the individuals who came together for the sake of the team, the spirit was enough to come out on top making every one of their athlete’s efforts recognized.

The next event for the national team is the Master and Seniors Worlds coming up in October!

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