Roger Gracie: ‘I didn’t achieve all I did in BJJ only with victories’

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Roger Gracie will fight again in Asia, and may return to the UFC with two good wins. Photo: Strikeforce

Without renewing his contract with the UFC after a decision loss to Tim Kennedy last July 6, Roger Gracie, 31, is closer to One FC, an organization based in Singapore.

He, who had a good first round before losing stamina following a 15 kg drop in weight for the bout, should now return to his home, the light heavyweight division (under 93kg).

“In the next fight he will return among the light heavyweights,” said Jorge “Joinha” Guimarães, in a conversation with Brazilian news portal R7. “I talked to Dana White and Joe Silva, and it was agreed that, if he wins two fights, he’s back to the UFC. Even so, we are closing with One FC, where he will not be bound by the contract,” said the manager.

Changes around Roger do not stop there. The Gracie should spend more time during the year in Los Angeles to train with Lyoto Machida, Glover Teixeira and other athletes of Black House MMA.

The three-time world absolute Jiu-Jitsu champion talked to GRACIEMAG about the new direction, and dismissed the possibility of returning to competitive BJJ: “I knew, even before my fight with Tim Kennedy, that it was my last fight under that contract (there was only one fight left in my old Strikeforce deal). I knew, therefore, that there was nothing certain after that bout. But I did not get where I am in Jiu-Jitsu only with victories. I did not achieve all I did in the gi by winning every fight, and I did not win ten world titles at black
belt without losing any fights. Now I have decided to devote myself to MMA, and that’s what I will do till the end of my career. No matter where I fight or for what promotion. I train to be number one. That defeat at UFC 162 was just a setback; a lot has yet to happen,” Roger assured us.

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