Watch Tom Cruise put himself to sleep with a triangle choke

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  1. Abraham Sanabria at 8:31 pm

    who choreographed this? I doubt such a triangle attempt would work on a low level white belt. I guess it might be believable to anyone who doesn't understand jiu jitsu or any form of submission grappling but laughable to anyone with a small understanding of the game.

  2. Daniel Keating at 1:54 am

    Bad technique, but…

    The director probably asked for the triangle to be performed in such a way that you could see the expressions on both of their faces. Also the costumes might make is tricky to make it appear as if he's locking in a tight triangle without actually choking him… and it might have just been more comfortable to hold it in such a way that Cruise could breathe easily. It possibly took a long time to shoot that short scene.

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