Serginho Moraes turns 31 today. Remember his first step into stardom in 2008

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Sergio Moraes is 31 this Tuesday, July 23.

Now a UFC fighter, the Alliance black belt is a two-time Jiu-Jitsu world champion (2008/2011), not counting the 2009 close out with Marcelo Garcia, who got the first place.

Serginho’s first major step into Jiu-Jitsu stardom came in the 2008 World championship, when he faced a certain Kron Gracie in his first match in the middleweight division.

What made the fight special was the fact that it was Kron’s first ever black belt competition and the son of Rickson Gracie was coming from an outstanding performance in the lower belts.

The outcome of that fight is well known, but not everybody remembers how the fight went until Serginho got the choke to win.

Let’s watch it again.

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