Jiu-Jitsu proven to aid in white collar road rage attack

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We’ve seen that Jiu-Jitsu is commonly used as a way to hold someone or defend oneself from an attack. In what was an interesting situation caught on camera between well-dressed men on a busy street in Los Angeles County, a man was able to take down and hold an attacker while the police came.

The driver of the BMW in this video below drove off the 405 freeway while the larger male followed and caught up with him at a light of a busy intersection. Both dressed in suits without their jackets, the larger male punched the other. After walking back to his vehicle, the victim jumped on the attacker’s back in what looked like a hold similar to a rear naked choke (he didn’t get the four points for hooks) and was able to keep him contained until the police could arrive and formally charge the man (who is also a successful attorney) with assault and battery.

We learn here that not only can anyone be attacked in any scenario but that Jiu-Jitsu works in those situations. Even if a punch is suffered before hand, justice was served because the man used something seen in Jiu-Jitsu, although we don’t know if he trains or not.


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