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Black Belt Alexandre "Soca" Freitas

Black Belt Alexandre “Soca” Freitas

Address: 1913 Wantagh Ave. Wantagh, NY 11793

Phone: # 1 516 557 2888




The beauty of Jiu Jitsu stems from the fact that it truly is for everyone. To practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu it doesn’t matter if the person is young, old, fit, etc. This martial art is effective in helping you achieve fitness by giving you a workout in which all the muscles are active. The beginner’s class at Soca BJJ teaches the fundamental techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a safe manner. Drills reinforce those techniques and love sparring put those techniques to the test. All in a nurturing environment in which all team members help each other and the instruction is top notch.

After mastering the basic techniques, and having achieved a good level of proficiency in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the beginner level, the advanced class takes it a step further by learning more techniques and self-defense moves. The progression is natural and based upon a carefully crafted curriculum developed by Master Alexandre Soca.


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