2013 WPJJC: Buchecha beats Rodolfo Vieira, Gabi undefeated

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King and queen: Buchecha and Gabi conquer Abu Dhabi. Photo by Dan Rod

King and queen: Buchecha and Gabi conquer Abu Dhabi. Photo by Dan Rod

Below are the quick results on the most important divisions of the Saturday of open class divisions at the 2013 WPJJC, in Abu Dhabi.

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Buchecha tames Rodolfo to secure the absolute gold

MArcus Buchecha champion 2013 WPJJC Abu Dhabi

MArcus Buchecha champion 2013 WPJJC Abu Dhabi

Rodolfo Vieira and Marcus Buchecha Almeida met again after the epic battle at the 2012 IBJJF Worlds. With only six minutes on the clock, both fighters knew that details were the key to the gold medal. Rodolfo started in full speed and after Buchecha pulled guard he almost mounted and took the back. Almeida held the pressure and swept with a bridge when his opponent was about to mount. Losing by two, Rodolfo bravely fought back and swept back, tying the match 2-2 but ended in Buchecha’s 50/50. With less than two minutes on the clock, Buchecha went for it and scored two more points with another sweep. Rodolfo tried to come back, but Buchecha’s balance prevailed and the current World Champion almost got a guard pass when the clock signaled the end and the scoreboard granted Marcus Almeida his first WPJJC absolute title.

Surprise! Gabi still undefeated in Abu Dhabi

Gabi Garcia champion 2013 WPJJC Abu Dhabi

Gabi Garcia champion 2013 WPJJC Abu Dhabi

Gabrielle Garcia claims her eighth WPJJC gold medal in the 2013 purple/brown/black female open weight division final against Beatrice Mesquita. She won by points via takedown and guard passes. “While other came here on tourism, I never left my hotel since I got here. I was focused to win”, said Gabi.

Double DQ stamps the Brownbelt open final

Keenan Cornelius Paulo Miyao 2013 WPJJC Abu Dhabi

Keenan Cornelius Paulo Miyao 2013 WPJJC Abu Dhabi

Both Keenan Cornelius and Paulo Miyao are disqualified in the final of the brown belt adult absolute leaving Kaue Damasceno as the only one on the podium. The ref gave penalty after penalty until he gave two points to each and then made them stand and disqualified them. They were both in the double guard pull position threatening with footlock and berimbolos however the action was not enough for the referee. The gold for the adult brown belt open weight division now goes to Kaue Damascene of Nova União after both Keenan Cornelius and Paulo Miyao were disqualified in the final. Kaue placed third initially after he was disqualified in the semis by a slam on Keenan and then beat Faisal Al Ketbi in the match for third place.

Purple Belt

Teammates from GFTeam Brazil, Patrick Pontes Gaudio and Victor Honorio met in the final of the adult purple belt open weight division. They went back and forth in a playful match with Victor Honorio pulling the lead by a guard pass more. Marcio Andre placed third in the division.

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  1. Rafael Alves at 1:52 pm

    Que luta entre o Buchecha e o Rodolfo, e o exemplo de Humildade, que igual eu nunca vi no Jiu-Jitsu, que honra e felicidade é viver pra poder assistir esses dois GRANDES lutadores, e poder aprender com os dois, aprender a ser um campeão não só no Jiu-Jitsu mas também na vida. Hoje foi um dia muito especial, com um lutão de dois Super atletas.

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