WPJJC: Roberto Satoshi forgets last year to repeat the feat in Abu Dhabi

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Roberto Satoshi competing. Photo: Arquivos GracieMag

Roberto Satoshi competing. Photo: Arquivos GracieMag

The WPJJC holds its fifth edition this weekend in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Roberto Satoshi (Bonsai JJ) was one of the great revelations of the black belt last year when he won the lightweight and defeated tough guys like Lucas Lepri and David Ramos.

Now more respected, Satoshi wants to repeat the feat and take the gold and money offered as prizes to the champions.

“I haven’t changed much since my title in the UAE last year. I tried to just hone my skills and give more importance to the physical part. I don’t want to do anything different; I’ll keep my head in place, knowing that the past is gone. In Abu Dhabi, as in all other black belt championships, there are no favorites”, says Satoshi.

Brazilian living in Japan, Roberto Satoshi keeps training with his brother Marcos Souza to repeat the title in the up to 76kg division. Less nervous than last year, but knowing he is a target for the favorite, like Leandro Lo, Lucas Lepri and JT.

“In my first year as a black belt I learned many things and I’m more confident. I know there is still much to do, I have to train more. In 2012 I was very nervous, especially in the World last year in Long Beach”, he recalls. “To win in WPJJC, where the fight takes only six minutes, it’s important to always stay in front of the scoreboard. It won’t be easy, now the opponents know who I am, while last year I was an upset (laughs).”

“The ones who want to win in Abu Dhabi will need to make at least two hard fights. After all, the prize money makes the game even more exciting (laughs)”, he says.

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