Sweep from sitting guard or take the back with Tarcísio Jardim

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Tarcísio Jardim with the blue gi against Alexandro Ceconi, in Brazilian 2012. Photo: Carlos Ozório/GRACIEMAG.com

The heavyweight Paul Tarcisio Jardim is training at full speed to do well in Abu Dhabi on April 13 and 14 in the WPJJC professional event, with millionaire prizes. To shine in the event of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the black belt from CheckMat has sharpening his takedowns and his guard, not just at the gym, in João Pessoa, Paraíba. He also competed in the Pan 2013, at the end of March, where he won third place in his weight division.

Today, Tarcisio teaches some traps from the sitting guard so you can use it on your friends at the gym. The starting position begins in half guard, as he shows in the video below.

Note that, at :33, the black belt from Paraíba teaches how to master the grips and to fit the right leg on the opponent’s thigh in order to sweep.

At :39, with the grips, Tarcisio releases one grip and goes up to hold the opponent’s lapel and going over the right leg, taking away the opponent’s option of rolling and passing the guard.

At :57, Jardim comes back to the starting position with the grips dominated and encourages the opponent to pass the guard to the left. After that, he stretches the opponent’s leg taking the base away, but defends the position with his hand. Now you just need to release the grip on the left arm of the opponent and take the back. Use the hook on the opponent’s left foot, kick back and take the back.

And what if the opponent defends the sweep? Replace the hand on the lapel and sweep.

At 2:37, see how the professor passes the lapel from one hand to another. Note that he keeps the right leg stretched on the thigh of the opponent.

At 2:40, he supports his hand on the ground, lowers the leg and rotates the hip to sweep the opponent. Note that Tarcisio Jardim doesn’t release the lapel when the opponent is with his back on the floor.

Did it fit to your game? Tell us.

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