6th American Cup: register for event and rules seminar, watch teaser video

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Claudio França invites all to the 6th American Cup and the rules seminar with Alvaro Mansor.

The two day event takes place in San Jose, California, on April 20-21.

The rules seminar is scheduled April 19, at Claudio França BJJ, which is also in San Jose.

The early registration is now open and will go on until April 5.

The costs are: $60 for kids and $75 for juveniles to Senior IV.

The cost of the seminar is $60 with a 50% discount if you are competing.

Register now to compete at http://www.t360reg.com/americancup/americancup.aspx.

Register now for the seminar at http://www.t360reg.com/rulesseminar/rulesseminar.aspx

Here is a teaser video on the American Cup.

6th American Cup Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Daniel Carettoni on Vimeo.

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