André Galvão analyzes Buchecha: ‘He is fast, he looks like a big featherweight!’

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Before the referee Muzio, Andre is able to take down Marcus Buchecha. Photo: Ivan Trindade/GracieMag

Last Sunday, Marcus Buchecha and Andre Galvão wrote another chapter in the remarkable IBJJF Pan history book. In Irvine, Calif., the  champion of the super heavyweight defeated the light heavyweight champion 4-2 in a thrilling and instructive absolute final.

Buchecha went ahead of Andre Galvao with a takedown, 2-0. Undeterred, the Atos fighter kept insisting, he had to get rid of an armbar and returned the takedown. Buchecha was still winning in advantages, but didn’t let Galvão grow: with an omoplata attack, the giant swept and consolidated the victory.

GracieMag spoke with Andre Galvão, who analyzed the mistakes and successes in the absolute final in Pan 2013. Check this out:

GracieMag: How was the fight in your point of view?

Andre Galvão: Losing is not cool, but this time I went out with my head held high because I gave my best. He was better on that day and that’s it. Now it’s time to go back to my routine. I guess I didn’t make many mistakes. The thing is that I couldn’t handle the takedown I took at the beginning, after all he is big and heavy. I only have to work harder next time to be better prepared, he was better this time.

Did you take any lessons from the silver medal?

I think I didn’t lose to myself, but to my opponent. There were errors, but they can be adjusted. The thing is to train harder. I am motivated after this defeat, and I believe that it will only strengthen me.

What do you think of Buchecha as an opponent?

He is a great fighter. He believes in himself and doesn’t give up easily. He looks like a big featherweight (laughs)! He is fast, big and very good. He has achieved excellent results in the championships.

Did anyone impress you more in this Pan?

Yes, my partner and great friend Guto Campos. He is improving every day and had an excellent campaign across my draw before we closed the light heavyweight. He defeated Romulo Barral by 14-4 and also beat other tough athletes, like Diogo Araujo and others. I would like to congratulate him once again. He is a very good guy and will get to the Worlds stronger this year.

Is the WPJJC in Abu Dhabi next?

Now it’s time to go back to San Diego to train my students, because Atos is full of people who are going to the Emirates this year. I will help them in training, and also dedicate myself to pave the way to win there.

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